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Fuel System

Get your carburator or injectors cleaned or checked, your fuel pumps and hoses tested and all other fuel system components serviced at Automotive Service Professionals, 816-474-9199
Fuel Line and Fuel injection hoses wear out too. If these hoses show cracks, seperations or other signs of wear they should be replaced. A damaged fuel line or fuel injection hose that begins leaking can cause a major fire or even an explosion. All of these hoses are simple items to replace. Call us to schedule any of this work or any other fuel system work like new fuel filters, fuel pumps, carburator rebuilds or injector work. We will be happy to discuss this work with you at 816-474-9199
Automotive Service Professionals also has a full line of fuel tanks available and can service the fuel tank, fuel level sensor, and/or repair/replace your fuel tank if there is a problem.
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